Product Portfolio

We have a wide range of fragrances available. Here are just a few examples:

Household cleaning fragrances

Including lemon, pine, cherry, mint and lavender, as well as bespoke matches to meet customer requirements.

Personal care

Such as soap, where we can tailor to meet the physical requirements of cold and hot process products, deodorant, and hair/shower products.

Industrial fragrances

Including car wash, pet products, sanitising and washroom products, where we can offer the latest in fruit accords and fresh ozonic fragrances.

Candles and reed diffusers

Built upon exacting customer requirements, including creation on specific solvent systems, ranging from the exotic fruit combination to the most traditional vanilla amber notes.

Dental and lip balm flavours

Mints, cinnamon, as well as fruits etc., made in our food-grade premises by staff with full food hygiene training.

Breath fresheners

Traditional mints, innovative fruit flavours, and specific flavours such as pandan and paan, developed for the specialised regional markets of the world.

Our list of fragrances is expansive and never-ending, like the imagination of our customers and chief perfumer